to Clos Saint-Médié
in Luberon!

Ancestral land in conversion to Organic Agriculture

Clos Saint-Médié is a vineyard located next to the small town of La Tour d’Aigues.

The vineyards extends over twenty hectares (50 acres) north of Aix en Provence, between the river Durance and the montain Luberon.


Clos Saint-Médié has been producing wines, red, rose and white since over a century, using traditional and modern technologies after the second world war.

Our vineyard is made up of various varieties, with the grapes’ provenance, planting year, and blend position influenced by the vintage.

AOP Luberon regulations require no more than 45 hectoliters per hectare for the rose and the white, 35 for the red.

This choice of yield guarantees quality and longevity for the wine stock. Our vines are 30 years old on average and are planted at 3800 vines per hectare.

Clos Saint-Médié is currently committed to environmentally friendly management through reasoned cultivation of the vineyard including strict control of yields.

Harvesting is now done by the machine at night or dawn to favour low temperatures of the grapes. The use of water is reasoned and recourse to energy saving is favoured. Organic conversion is ongoing.